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 I hope to help individuals, teams, organisations and communities to charge their batteries and keep them charged. Our Energy is crucial to our performance and no matter how much your vehicle costs, it goes nowhere without a spark in the battery.

Stories for Humanity

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Hitching a lift to his future

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Accept, Acknowledge, Appreciate.

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Love is a verb

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My Latest Book

Does this book have a story or is this book a book of stories...

Yes, In the world we live in right now, this is an easy answer to a double question. Should we invest in our people, or should we cut costs? Yes. Should we produce a quality service or should we be accessible to a lower income market? Yes. Should I save for an uncertain future, or should I live in the now? Yes. Should I focus on my career or follow my passion? Yes.

My Areas of

Focus in Learning

I believe the phrase ‘training programme’ is outdated, and it has lost touch with the magical ingredient of Humanity. So, I don’t do training, I facilitate learning. I don’t run programmes, I design and deliver unique experiences. I don’t offer ‘off the shelf’ solutions, I create frameworks for understanding where we are all learners and we are all teachers.

If you are looking for these sort ofoutcomes, I can help:

  • Improving Personal Leadership
  • Higher levels of work/life integration
  • Recognising relationships
  • Greater team Energy and engagement
  • Creating more cohesive and collaborative communities
  • Creation and curation of Leadership immersions
  • Integration of learning journeys 

Personal Leadership

The Analogy here is simple but profound. A million dollar motor car can be held ransom by the charge in a one hundred dollar battery.

We can have all the skills, experience, ‘training’, networks, qualifications and products, but if we have no spark in our own battery, we don’t use these things as effectively as we could.

Individual experiences can be sustained and leveraged through access to a remarkable team of highly qualified coaches. 

Team Energy Journeys

When teams start to understand some fundamental truths about their own Energy and its effect on each other, they are better able to engage in higher levels of creativity with increased empathy, and greatly improved relationships.

Each team journey is unique to them.

Workshops, Webinars and Conferences

Whether on line or face to face, I offer a range of possibilities to increase the opportunity for learning at all levels.

These vary from multi day experiences to shorter slices of time, and include high impact key note talks, experiential simulations and immersive leadership experiences.


Fellow learners and teachers along the way


Workshops, webinars and conferences


Years  in Leadership Development and facilitation

How does it work?

Would you like to see more creative and innovative ideas in your team?

How about higher levels of engagement and energy at all levels throughout your organization?

Perhaps you would like to foster collaboration in your community?

What would your world look like with a better understanding of the relationships around you?

If these questions intrigue you, contact me and let’s take the next steps together.

The journeys can be taken on line or face to face, in workshops, webinars, team events, immersions or conferences.

I would love to hear from you!

Client Stories

Helping others achieve their best.

Sean Robinson, Joint MD Ulta Liquors

Delivery makes it come alive

“Steve has become a close friend of our company’s. He has added tremendous value in all his interventions with us. The material and the content has always been superb, but the way Steve delivers it makes it come alive in our people and in our organisation. He has a very special way of engaging and communicating and my team always looks forward to spending time with him.”

Mark Sardi, Group CEO Ascendis

Mobilize human energy

“Steve’s insights into how to mobilize human energy in driving transformational performance is truly unique.”

Adam Craker, CEO IQ Business

Opening Up to Public Speaking

“Steve has expertly guided our Partner team at IQbusiness on our leadership path over the past 3 years – not that we are slow on the take up, but because Steve keeps facilitating ways to expand our horizon, boost our energy and rise to the challenge as we continue to grow.”

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Adele Ungaretti, Executive Leadership Development The Standard Bank Group

Ideas are accessible

“Steve is incomparable in how he is able to make his ideas so accessible to everyone. His insights are so real, so human and so wise. What a legend!”

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