A bit about me

I have always been passionate about people, and for just over half my life I have worked in the fields of Leadership development and Team effectiveness. This work has taken me all over the world and brought me all the way back to the land of my birth in South Africa.

My heart is captured by the adventure of this continent and by the resilience and humanity of its people.

I love to write stories, journals and reflections about the extraordinary people I have been privileged to meet along the way.

Luckily married to Cath, and the proud Father of Hannah and Jonathan, I find my reason for being whilst tracking, oyster diving and playing average but enthusiastic golf.  

the phrase ‘training programme’ is outdated, and it has lost touch with the magical ingredient of Humanity. So, I don’t do training, I facilitate learning. I don’t run programmes, I design and deliver unique experiences. I don’t offer ‘off the shelf’ solutions, I create frameworks for understanding where we are all learners and we are all teachers.

If you are looking for these sort of outcomes, I can help:

The Book

Does this book have a story or is this book a book of stories...

Yes, In the world we live in right now, this is an easy answer to a double question. Should we invest in our people, or should we cut costs? Yes. Should we produce a quality service or should we be accessible to a lower income market? Yes. Should I save for an uncertain future, or should I live in the now? Yes. Should I focus on my career or follow my passion? Yes.