What’s going on Dad? To our beautiful land?

It looks like things have got out of hand

Malls being destroyed, our country is burning

Fewer people with jobs and a decrease in earning?



What’s going on Dad? Has there been a change in this war?

The unseen of Covid now seen door to shop door

This invisible virus in its cowardly quiet

Now blazes destruction in a country wide riot.



Anger swells quickly and explodes in red blood

The first greedy thief turns into a flood

The police are outnumbered and they’ve been sidestepped

And is ‘the man in the hat’ just completely inept?



I don’t know my boy – it’s a challenging time

And it seems like again, we’ve a mountain to climb

How to take that first step when all seems broken and bust

And shattered dreams scattered all covered in dust.



How do I help dad, what can I do?

I’ve no military training and I don’t have a clue

Well, my girl, not all weapons are made with cold metal

A deep breath outside might help you to settle.



Then look around and take note of stories of hope

How extraordinary people find new ways to cope

Because pockets of light are appearing each morning

And the night’s always darkest before the sun’s dawning.



Use the armour of kindness to disarm the next

If you’re missing your mates, then send them a text

Count your blessings today, though nothing seems right

There are many out there who won’t eat tonight.



When a few nasty elements sow death and disunity

The answer, as always, lies in community

Some are standing together and facing this storm

They have the answers as to how to transform.



In this freezing cold Winter they’re standing so brave

In the glare of this enemy, and the third Covid wave

They show us what’s possible, when together we stand

And it’s only together that we’ll rebuild our land.


Though we see smoking fires and hear vandalized glass

Just know this my children: ‘This too shall pass’

And one more thing you can do to show that you care

Hold South Africa close in both deed and in prayer.






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